Warum ein Blog?

Joël, Thomas und Noam hatten die Idee, zusammen einen Blog zu machen. Es sind drei Studenten in derselben Ausgangslage, die das gleiche Ziel haben: Ein Jahr in einem fremden Land zu verbringen. Der einzige Unterschied ist, dass sie an komplett verschiedene Orten landen. Joël landet in Brisbane und Auckland. Thomas wird in den USA, in Ohio sein. Noam landet auch in den USA aber in Santa Barbara.
Wir wollen unsere Austauschjahre, für die Menschen die uns in der Schweiz vermissen oder auch ganz einfach interessierte, dokumentieren.
Wir finden es auch interessant, wie wir uns entwickeln werden und wie anders wir unsere Austauschjahre erleben werden.
Wir wünschen euch viel vergnügen :)

Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017

From Wrestling to Lacrosse?

Should, I always start with I changed since last time? It’s crazy but I changed again. I hope you guys understand my when I say that. I hope everyone is doing well in their part of globe. A lot changed in my daily schedule. Winter season is over which means wrestling too. There is still off season wrestling which you can have practice everyday but it’s not as hard as in the actual season. I ended my wrestling season pretty well.
The last month of the wrestling season was focused on individual qualifications for the State Championships. For four weekends in a row you have a tournament that only if you place high enough you qualify for the net tournament the next weekend. California is a huge State and it’s difficult to qualify for State. We have 3 tournament that we have to place in high enough to move on the next tournament.
First Tournament is called the “Channel League Championships” you need to place top 3 to move on. All League placers go to the second tournament called the “CIF Championships” from the Southern Section. You need to place fifth or less to move on. All top 5 CIF placers go on the third tournament called “Masters”. This includes 6 CIF tournaments and basically cover the South of California. If you place 9th or better you qualify for the State Championships. Which basically every wrestler dreams to wrestle in the “States”.
The Channel League Championships includes 5 high school from our district which all send their best wrestler from each weight class. I went in the 162 pound class. From the 14 weight classes my school got 7 wrestler who got League Champions (1st placers) including me.
See news for more information: CIF Southern Section
Every wrestler in our school got at least top 3 which means all 14 wrestler could move on the the CIF. It was a first victory but in that moment you look forward to the next tournament. From our 14 wrestlers 5 of ours placed 5th or better. I had a nice run. I wrestled through till the final. I was the only wrestler from DP who went in the final. The finals were under the lights of the gym and the crowd was filling the gym. I was excited to show my wrestling on the mat. The match was tight and we went to overtime. I eventually lost the match. A lot of emotions came up. I kept my focus soon after for the next weekend “The Masters”
Our group got seriously smaller now and it would not be easier. The Masters were in Ontario and 5 of us were prepared to give everything on the mat. It took a huge difference of the level of wrestling and everyone in the stadium was hungry to win. It was all hard for us and only two captains got in the 2nd day. Ryan and me both won two matches and lost one to make the 2nd day. We slept focused on that one match we needed to qualify for State. We wrestled our best and little details made us both lose a close match. He got 12th in the 140 pound weight class and I got 12th in the 160 pound weight class. 
See news for more information: CIF and Masters

The run was over for the school and it was emotional hard for both of us to be so close on our dream. The most important now is to take this experience and make the best of it!
My winning pin for the CIF finals

The season was over then and we went to off season. Practices are shorter and we focus more on freestyle and greco wrestling. Those styles favored my kind of wrestling and I had so much fun.

Off season wasn’t enough sport for me I wanted to try a new sport and I got into lacrosse. Like pair of socks I tell you! The coach welcomed me and all lacrosse players too. I felt like my first day of wrestling but I knew I needed to improve myself for pushing this team forward. Practices were hard in a way because I needed to improve my stick skills. It looks easy to pass and catch but in real it needs hours and hours of practice. Coach put me as a FoGo player which means I would start off the game by fighting for the ball in the middle of the game and sprint out when the ball has a “releaser”. I was excited and nervous on my first game. I didn’t know how connected a team should be and that you need to give everything the time you are on the field. Teammates are relying on you. My first 30 seconds of playtime I got trucked by a player and felt on the ground. I wasn’t prepared of such a contact and all my muscle tight up and I got strangely sore for being 1 min on the field. I learned that this sport had the same intensity of contact like football. Each week I got better with my ball skills and improved my playtime on games. I built it up to be the starting face off guy and be reactive of hits. I got a lot of playtime since and fun was always with me. I wanna tell you my personal highlight of my lacrosse season:
We played against Kate. It was a high school we never beat and played against them a second time in the season. We were down 4 goals and we tried hard to keep a close match. They got a goal so we needed to have a face off before halftime. There was 10sec on the clock which isn’t a lot. I needed to be quick and win the ball forward to potentially do something. On the face off I got a perfect clamp and won the ball forward. I scooped the ball and had it in my stick. I run as fast as I could and when I saw 3sec on the clock I knew there was no time for a pass. So I ran till 15 yards in front of the goal and shoot. I never shoot the ball to the goal in a match before and my technique wasn’t that great. Through the shoot I felt on the ground. So I didn’t see my shot. I heard the clock buzzing which meant the halftime was over. I looked up and I saw the net from the opponent's goal moving! I scored a goal! Even if we were still down in the game my teammates run into the field yelling and raising their stick as we won the game. I run to them and I had goosebumps at the same time. This energy was huge and I can still feel it when I think about it.  My teammates told me it wasn’t a very fast shot but it bounced the floor so it made the goalie harder to know where it would bounce up. Added to that I scored between his legs:P We kept that strong energy throughout the whole game and got a W in our field! That day was huge for us.
Our senior night game at home

After the end of lacrosse season my schedule totally changed. I finish school earlier and there are no mandatory practices anymore. I still go to off season wrestling but it doesn’t push me as hard as a real season sport. I use this free time to spend with my host family and friends.

Prom 2K17
Our class of 2017 had their prom! It was a nice experience to live a prom like that. All students were beautiful dressed up that you sometimes couldn’t even recognize them. We took pictures on the nice courthouse in Santa Barbara and then ate dinner by a friends house. We all were excited for the prom dance. The dance was in a fancy hotel and there was a chocolate fountain and some fruits on the entrance. At the dance everyone was enjoying their live and dancing. I liked how the music changed from American rap songs to rhythmic spanish songs. At Midnight the dance was over but the school organized am “AfterProm” that was in a bowling center. During the whole night you could play poker, bowling and win nice prices. I won a free flight lesson which was nice. At 4AM the party was over and we were all tired. The whole thing seemed passed very fast but on those moments I think we should appreciate live even more so it doesn’t pass through your fingers.
Ready for new Mission 007

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

Change truth experience

I read my last post and I noticed that I learned and grew up a lot since that time. I think different, my mind is open for changes and comfortable with it. Not only my inside changed.
My outside changed to… I will write later about this :)


Holiday Package was a theatershow directed and scripted by students themself. Grace suggested me to audition for a character in the show. And I am glad that I did it. I got some roles and the rehearsals started not long time after. We had two weeks of learning our script. The show was every night in the last week before winter break. We had so much fun during the show. Sure, we were learning during each show what we could optimise but it was still a night of entertainment for both sides, the actors and the spectators. Here the link of the video from the 4th night. Just in case you wanna see the boys dancing ballet :)
This show drove me to the interest of participation in theater activities. I casted for another show called “Adam’s Family” and I got in. I just enjoy to be with those people. Everyone knows their personality and is crazy in their own way. It is a good place to be human there. I mean to be yourself and have fun.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Two days after Hallowen, couple stores already had Christmas stuff. All stores were like “Hohoho, spend money in my store!” I felt how big the Christmas time is for marketing. Anyway, I already got the gifts for my host family that I brought from Switzerland. I gave chocolate, Swiss army knifes. I am so thankful to this wonderful family and wanted to tell that through my own words. That’s why I wrote them personal letters. In the other way, they gave me gifts that touched me too. Some streets were crazy decorated. It is like a “Who has the most lights on his yard”. I was impressed about the effort that they put in their decoration.

 “It was a Christmas without snow, but this let more place for family and food”

San Diego
I was lucky to go to San Diego with my host family for a long weekend during new year. We went on a aircraft carrier. We saw all kinds of planes and history about this high tech boat. I didn’t realize that the time was passing when I saw the communication center and the top gun planes. I was full 5h on the Midway!
This had everything you needed in it

Pro Football Game
We also got the chance to watch the last San Diego Charger game in their home stadium. Over 71 thousand people were there. My eyes were fascinated of this huge crowd.  I expressed my fever through cheering and standing during the whole game. I wanted that the San Diego Chargers win but sadly they lost the game. Nevertheless it was a interesting because the Chargers were leading in the beginning. The Kansas City Chiefs were better that day. I kinda lost my voice after the 4th quarter but it was definitely worth it. Football is exciting to watch. Long passes, interceptions or tackles are unpredictable.
 I know Tim was for the Chiefs and I for the Chargers

The relationship to my friends changed in a positive way. Trust and understanding between me and my friends increases now. I have to say, those values were hard to find at the beginning of the school year. I knew that this would comes with time only. I am involved in different activities at school. This makes me meet diverse people with different point of views. I like to “hangout” and have a good time. Even if it is a short time during lunch, after school, at the beach or while hiking and discovering new places - I appreciate these moments!
I learn a lot from them. Those little things change my perceptions of looking at things. I like to describe this with a metaphor. It is like a beach. The beach has its own structure. It changes constantly. The major factor of this permanent change are the waves. Small waves and big waves are moving the sand. This is what makes the beach, the beach. My friends make me, me. I feel the strong unity when we play football and basketball. We all support our team and are proud of them. I also experienced that feeling during wrestling fights. Friends, family members and fans came and cheered us. Those nights were a lot of fun.     

This sport made me grow up a lot and is an important impact in my life. It is actually hard to put those emotions into words but I will try to make it clear. It is not the wrestling you know from the TV it is High School Folkstyle wrestling. It is an individual sport but you also have dual meets that are competed as a team. The school has one wrestler per weight class. For me the feeling of being in a team was more present as being alone on the mat. Coaches are here and support you in each practice and match, teammates are always there to give you a pump before a match and I didn’t mention the students from the same school who are supporting you if we have a home dual. Some parents take time to help with food and water during long tournaments days. In this team I felt a strong positive energy. We were helping each other in many ways. With advice for moves, cutting weight or just being here. We all feel like a “Band of Brothers”. You can feel that when we say “I love you” or “take care” before, during and after practice. We always laugh when we say that and joke around but in the inside we have one main heart that bounds us to a strong team. Oh yeah, we are one of the strongest teams since a long time. We got League Champions for the third time and won the 2nd place in our CIF division. We are proud of each other, our coach is proud of us and this motivates us. You can’t tell how much place they’ve won in my heart. This is crazy. I remember being the new “fresh meat” going into the wrestling room for the first time. Now I am representing the team as a captain with two other strong members we have.
3 Captains for one team

You noticed that we all have bleached hair. This is a tradition that the charger wrestling team is doing each year. At the beginning. I didn’t want to do it  but those amazing people convinced me that the colour would show the appreciation I have for our team.
Me focused

I am doing great in wrestling. I am learning each practice, each tournament and got some victories in tournaments. My team is happy to have me and I am happy to have them - perfect symbiosis.
Channel League Champions for the 3rd time

I have some news from our local newsletter to share with you about our exploits.

Which way?
The things I wrote about are moments of emotions, heart, sweat and laugh. I learnt that you can reach the same thing by going different ways. It sounds stupid but this opened my view. I kinda go with the flow and follow my intention now. I try not to categorize things. That avoids judgement and is respectful. Your intention shows you the right way. I wouldn’t be here if wouldn’t listen to my intention...I just breath deeply and say thank you

Dienstag, 8. November 2016


Dear reader,
I have a lot to share with you. I feel like a little child that discovers new things that he never imagined could happen. There are many moments poping up in my head when I say this. I will explain a few of them:

It was unexpected. I was in Ventura and I had just finish a color run. I met friends in the color run and we had a nice morning. If you like running and getting color powder thrown at you, go there.
Everyone cleaned up before the run

After the run I got proposed to stay longer with a friend. We went to a friends house and got body boards and surfboards. We went to a private beach which had rocks every half mile to break the waves. So, it was perfect to surf because the waves were going horizontal towards the beach. I wore my swimsuit and took the surfboard. I didn't really know what to do but I tried. I mean, everyone has seen a surf movie one time. I went, I saw a good wave coming and tried to go with it. I got it in the right time and got stable. I stood up on my first wave and I was very surprised and happy about it. I was like a guy trying to walk on a field full of mines - unsure with a scared face.
I wanted more. This awesome feeling of " trying to control mother nature" was addictive. The whole time we were on the beach I was surfing. I was full of happiness and very thankful that my friend had taken me with him.
Smile full of happiness

Halloween - Universal Studios
Halloween is a big deal in America. A BIG deal. I think you don't know what Halloween is before you’ve spent it in America. A lot of houses are decorated in original spooky ways. You feel Halloween weeks before the official night. I had the chance to go with my host family to the Halloween Horror Nights in the Universal Studios. During the day it was very peaceful and innocent. We went to the Harry Potter area. It's very impressive how good they remade the Harry Potter world. You literally feel in this world.
The afternoon passed and it become dark. Horror Night began... Mazes were open and scarry people on the ways were ready to scare you. I was afraid in the first haunted houses. Sounds strange but with time you get little bit used to it. You walk in from room to room and people are hided behind things and wait to scare you. This happens also from going to another maze. It's called "scary zone". People wearing The Purge masks and running after you with a chain saw. I enjoyed this awesome scary night. Well, this was the night before the 31th. On the long-awaited day I went trick or treating with my host sister and also host brother. You saw nice decorated houses. There was also a hunted house in the backyard from our neighbor! 
I think you know where we are:)

For all those who don't know what it is: It's a big school organized annual dance party. It's usually a big thing for students. Boys ask girls with big posters or they go with a group of friends. It was very fun. Everyone was enjoying the time there. You spend time with persons while smiling and dancing to music. It was a great evening that I won't easily forget.

First wrestling experience
Wrestling is going very well. We practice everyday and it's going to be harder. Wrestling season is going to start and we will have practice longer. I went with some wrestlers in Las Vegas for a tournament. I didn't wrestle but i helped my teammates. It was impressive how big and crazy this tournament was. 2500 wrestler on 21 mats! I would say that's typical Vegas. An example: Before the first match, there was a light show with dubstep going on.
I got a lot of visual experience. I think, it was teaching for everyone that came. Our coach, the wrestlers and me.
The view from our hotel

I had my first wrestling tournament not along time ago. It was one of the little preseason tournaments. I didn't think that I would have fun because I was concentrated on the matches but I had fun. I was in a group of eight wrestlers and I had three matches. I learned the experience of being on the mat as a wrestler and that was great. I won all my matches and got first. My teammates were surprised, happy and confused at the same time. How I did this. I am proud of myself to. My first wrestling victory!

These are my adventures.There is always something (new) that happens. I try to get these things in a positive mindset. No matter what kind of environment you have. You have to take your way anyways. The question is: How should you take it to keep get forward and achieve your goals.
All kind of directions are beautiful

Dienstag, 20. September 2016

The best you can have is you

Hey, wie geht es euch? Oder wie geht es mir? Ich lebe es total aus. Nicht das ich alles bekomme was ich will, sondern ich versuche das beste aus der Situation herauszuholen ohne die Umgebung zu benachteiligen. Ich bin jetzt ein guter Monat hier und habe vieles erlebt. Wollt ihr wissen was? Lest weiter…

At Knott’s Berry Farm

Ich habe mein erstes richtiges American Football Game erlebt. Das football team von Dos Pueblos (Die Highschool) hatte ein homegame und praktisch alle Schüler von DP kamen um sie zu unterstützen. Die Athmosphäre war einfach gigantisch. Ein Merkmal von Amerika. Wir sind stolz auf unsere Schule und zeigen es auch. Ein Beispiel dafür ist die Bekleidung, die wir in der Schule tragen. Wir ziehen gerne T-Shirts oder Pullover von unserem Sportteam mit dem Dos Pueblos Zeichen darauf an. Ich sage explicit wir, weil ich mich selber schon als einer dieser ”Chargers” (Name der Schüler dieser Schule) fühle. Ich bin sehr gut integriert und habe gute Freunde gefunden. Ich bin noch der exchange stundent für meine Freunde aber vielleicht wird sich das ändern:) Das stört mich aber nicht. Voilà meine Erlebnis fürs erste Mal.

We won! (42-0)

Am Wochenende feierte meine Familie den 13. Geburtstag von Max. Um seinen Schritt zum werdenden Mann zu feiern, gingen wir in einen riesengrossen Erlebnispark namens “Knott’s Berry Farm”. Um euch das besser vorzustellen, denkt an den Europapark. Habt ihrs? Und dann multipliziert ihr das Ganze mal 3. So, jetzt könnt ihr euch die Grösse vorstellen, aber wie sind die Achterbahnen? Stellt euch Silverstar vor mit der Hartnäckigkeit von Eurosat mit dem Zusatz, dass es steiler ist und irgendwie unsicherer. ^^ Es ist vollkommen normal, wenn mal eine Achterbahn stehen bleibt.   
Here comes the "boss"

Ich hatte wirklich Spass und probierte alle atemberaubenden Attraktionen.


Ich unterstütze jetzt meine franzözischen Leser und fordere meine Deutschliebhaber:) Ich weiss, das Leben ist hart, aber ich will euch etwas von meinen Gedanken mitteilen. Wenn ihr jetzt nicht so viel Zeit habt, lasst es sein und kommt später wieder. Nehmt euch Zeit dafür. Habt keine Angst ich bewege mich nicht vom Fleck:)Hört euch dieses Lied mal an. Es ist einer meiner Lieblingslieder:

Was denkt ihr, wenn ihr dieses Lied bewusst anhört? 
Schreibt es in den Kommentaren:) 

Diese Textstücke kamen im Lied vor.  

“On raconte se que on rate, on raconte ce qu’on arrive pas a faire”
Jacque Brel

Il est urgent de ne pas être prudents, il faut être imprudents. Il faut vous cassez la gueule et ben vous vous cassez la gueule et pi quoi? On ne meur pas de se casser la gueule. On ne meur pas d’humiliasion, ca n’existe pas. Un homme normale rêve de foutre le camp…“
Jaques Brel

Entdeckte ich dieses Liede zufällig? Vielleicht war es die Intuition. Für mich hat dieses Lied eine Botschaft. Nicht versuchen, vorsichtig zu sein und die Welt ohne Angst, umzufallen, zu entdecken. Denn jeder träumt davon, Neues zu entdecken. Ich liebe das Leben! Was gibt es Schöneres, als alle Sinne zu fühlen und zu äussern? Das Leben ist wie ein Rezept. Es gibt nichts falsches und keine Grenze. Etwas von dem, etwas von diesem und schon ist es eine Identität die man selber kreiert hat. Man kann Rezepte austauschen, man kann sie für sich behalten oder aufschreiben. Manche Rezepte machen Geschichte.

"Für mich ist jedes Rezept Geschichte, denn Rezepte entstehen durch Engagement, Persönlichkeit und Mut."
Wie sieht dein Rezept aus?

Montag, 5. September 2016

At School

Hello everybody, ich muss ehrlich sein. Es ist komisch auf Deutsch zu schreiben, denn hier schriebe ich nur Englisch. Mit jedem Tag werden meine Englischkenntnisse besser. Ich bin mir jedoch sicher, dass ich noch viel zu lernen habe.

Die Schule hat am 22. August 2016 begonnen. Wenn ich den ersten Schultag mit einem Wort beschreiben müsste, wäre das „interessant“. Stellt euch vor ihr seid ein Schauspieler in einem Theater. Alle Schauspieler wissen was sie tun müssen. Sie spielen die Geschichte wie geprobt und du bist einfach da und versuchst mitzuspielen aber weisst nicht wie. So fühlt sich das an. Ich nahm das mit Humor und musste die ganze Zeit lachen. Jeder zurückgelegte Meter, lies mich etwas Neues entdecken. Wie bei einem Kind, das zum ersten mal läuft. Mein Stundenplan sieht folgendermassen aus:

Lektion, Fach

1, AP Calculus (Mathematik)
2, English 12
3, US History
4, US Government
Lunch (30min)
5, Health (Gesundheit)
6, Wrestling

Jede Lektion geht 58 Min (Fragt euch nicht wieso:P). Ich beginne um 8 Uhr und habe bis um 15 Uhr Schule. Die Mittagspause geht ab 12h35 30 Minuten lang. Ich konnte mir die Fächer zum teil selber aussuchen (AP Calculus, English, Wrestling) und andere waren mir vorgeschrieben (US History, US Government, Health). Mit diesem Stundenplan kann ich ende Jahr einen rechteckigen Hut anziehen, wisst ihr was ich meine? In DP (Dos Pueblos) bin ich ein Senior. Das ist das beste Jahr der Highschool. Ich kann an spezifischen Aktivitäten teilnehmen, wie zum Beispiel am Abschlussball. Jedes Schuljahr trägt seinen eigenen Namen:

9th Grade Freshman
10th Sophomore
11th Junior
12th Senior

Ihr habt gesehen das ich als sechste Stunde Wrestling habe. Ich praktiziere das jeden Tag, wie eine normale Schulstunde. Momentan haben wir keine Wettkämpfe, aber im Winter werden wir Hochseason haben. Während dieser Zeit, können wir nach der Schule auch bis um 17 Uhr trainieren.
Die erste Woche war für mich sehr spannend. Ich hatte Schwierigkeiten die Klassenzimmer zu finden, beim Mittagessen hatte ich nicht genug Zeit und ich kannte niemanden, aber mit der Zeit konnte ich mich gut integrieren. Ich habe tolle Freunde gefunden mit diversen Interessen. Im AP Calculus und US Government habe ich viele offene und kluge Leuten kennengelernt. Beim Wrestling habe ich eher sportorientierte Freunde. Die Lehrer sind sehr unterschiedlich. Manche erzählen von ihrem Leben, andere sind sehr lustig und auch sonst gibt es sehr gute Lehrer. Das generelle Niveau dort ist tiefer als in der Schweiz, aber wenn man herausvordernde Fächer nehmen will, gibt es sehr gute Möglichkeiten. Dort gibt es extra ein Gebäude für Ingenieering aller Art oder für schwierige AP Klassen. AP Klassen sind collegeorientierte Vorbereitungsfächer. Wir sind selbstständig und bekommmen jeden Tag Hausaufgaben. Zuhause schauen wir uns die Probleme an und in der Klassenstunde lösen wir die Aufgaben.

Neben der Schule habe ich viele Leidenschaften. Ich spiele regelmässig Bass und Gitarre, koche und versuche neue Rezepte, mache mein eigenes Training und entdecke mit Max neue Ecken auf dem Fahrrad. 

Me and my Bro

Ich war heute mit Mom und Dad «monatlich» einkaufen. Wir stockten unsere Regale in dem Massenlagerladen Cosco auf. Dort ist es riesig. Du siehst kein Ende. Die Packungen erhälst du dort nur in Grösse XXL!

Do you find the beacon?

Jeden Morgen stehe ich hier mit einem Lachen auf, mache mein Fruchtsalat und freue mich auf den kommenden Tag. Ich bin jetzt voll in der Schule integriert und fühle mich wohl.

Ihr könnt gerne Fragen stellen oder kommentieren. Ich nehme mir gerne Zeit für euch

Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Mein Zuhause

Hallo Zusammen,
Voila, ich bin jetzt bei meiner Familie. Ein ganzes Jahr wird hier mein zu Hause sein. Ihr wollt sicher wissen, wie meine ersten Tage mit ihnen gelaufen sind. Hier die Situation: Ich war bei Gary und wir warteten auf meine Familie. Die letzte Viertelstunde war für mich eine Mischung aus Aufregung und positiver Spannung. Ich war wie ein Kind, als ich sie zum ersten Mal sah. Meine grossen Augen waren auf das Neue ausgerichtet. Ich sagte nicht viel, aber grinste die ganze Zeit und konnte nicht ruhig stehen. Als erstes umarmten wir uns.

Stellt euch vor, alles ist neu; die Personen, das Haus, die Temperatur, die Art des Lebens und die ganze Umgebung.  Genau dafür muss man bereit sein; alles loszulassen und anzunehmen wie es kommt. Um das gut aufnehmen zu können, darf man nicht an etwas gebunden sein sein. Das hört sich einsam an, aber genau das ist es nicht. Man nimmt alles gleichermassen auf. Man ist frei und leicht.

«Lass die Welt dich verändern und du wirst die Welt verändern können»

Ich war der Leichteste aller Austauschstudenten von der Region Südcalifornien, denn mein Gepäck war  nicht in LA angekommen. Ich meldete es als vermisst. Ich hatte nichts mehr, ausser meinem Computer, meiner Zahnbürste und einem Paar Socken. In den ersten Minuten war es schwer das zu akzeptieren, doch ich beruhigte mich schnell. Es kann immer etwas schlimmeres passieren. Mit diesem Gedanken blieb ich gelöst von der dunklen Wolke über mir. Die ersten vier Tage (über)lebte ich mit zwei T-shirts und einer Badehose, die ich mir gekauft hatte. Ich fand es sehr amüsant, so wenig zu haben. Als ich dann Sonntagmorgen um 6 Uhr morgens ein Geräusch hörte und mein Gepack sah, war ich glücklich und wollte jubeln. Um meine Familie nicht zu wecken, habe ich es aber gelassen. Ich packte meine Sportsachen aus und ging joggen. Ich joggte praktisch ums Haus, weil ich die Umgebung noch nicht kannte:P
Ich lebe hier gemeinsam mit zwei jüngeren Geschwistern Max (12) und Grace (15) und den Eltern Tim (49) und Patti (49). Ich bin sehr selbstständig hier, denn ich kann das Fahrad von Tim brauchen und damit fast überall hingehen; zum Strand, in die Bibliothek, ins Gym und zum besten Bioladen. Nur zur Schule kann ich nicht mit dem Fahrrad gehen. Die Schule hat noch nicht begonnen, aber ich war schon dort und ich kann nur bestätigen, was ich von Highschools gehört habe (inklusive Spinnt)

UCSB (College of Santa Barbara)

Alles hier ist grösser als in der Schweiz. Beispiel:
Die Bibliothek: Du kannst einfach gratis eine Membershipkarte erstellen und alles gratis ausleihnen. Die Lybrary ist fünfstöckig und beinhaltet alles. Bücher, DVDs, Computer, CDs,...

Das Gym: Dreistöckig mit Freeweightraum, Studios für Yoga und alles mögliche und wenn das noch nicht genug ist, auch noch ein Schwimmbad:P

Der Bioladen: Fünf Regale frische Früchte und Gemüse, über 100 verschiedene Müslis und Kerne, ausserdem Fisch und Fleisch in guter Qualität.

Paradies für cleaneater

Das Beste zuletzt: Ich kann meine Leidenschaft Bass spielen weitermachen.

Ich kann mir keinen Ort vorstellen an dem ich lieber gelandet wäre. Ich danke allem, was mich dazu gebracht hat und meiner Intuition. 

  Danke fürs Lesen. Ihr könnt gerne einen Kommentar da lassen.

Freitag, 12. August 2016

First days in Santa Barbara

Hello guys, Yesterday I safely arrived at LAX (Los Angeles Airport). I'm not with my hostfamily yet but I'm with Jayne and Gary. They are very easy and knowledgeable AFS volunteers. I'm happy to share the two days with them. Today I have seen the Pacific Ocean. Here two pictures.